HAIR TYPE (S) - Shampoo, Conditioner and many other hair products are not created for all types hair.  Each hair type has its own need. (e.g Dry Oily Curly Straight & Mixed)



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HEALTHY EATING-- Hair directly feeds off of what we place in our bodies.

LICENSED STYLIST OR NON LICENSED - A licensed stylist is taught and utilizes various safety procedures for many types of hair.  A licensed stylist also understands the chemical contents of various products and what works well with different types of hair.  A non licensed stylist may do good work, but, have they received safety training.  Also non licensed stylists tend be very specific in the type of hair that they  work on.  Non licensed stylists also tend to deal with a very limited product line and not know the effects of these products on the many hair types.

DAMAGED HAIR - Sometimes hair damage is an indication of a more serious health issue

PROPER HAIR PRODUCTS - Most hair products are made with many combinations of chemicals.  This  increases when you mix various hair products.  Improper combinations of chemicals can very easily damage your hair when used improperly or in excess.

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